Go Green, Eat Veggies

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” —Albert Einstein

It is amazing to think that what you put in your mouth affects the entire planet. It is now common knowledge that we are killing our planet with the pollution that we produce. Many species of marine life as well as land dwelling creatures are becoming endangered due to rapid climate change caused by humans. One of the largest sources of pollution in the United States comes from the livestock industry. According to the LEAD initiative, livestock production accounts for 18 percent of global carbon dioxide and 37 percent of the even more harmful, methane gas. Not only that but LEAD also reported that more than two-thirds of all agricultural land is devoted to growing feed for livestock, while only 8 percent is used to grow food for direct human consumption. I’m not saying we should kill all the livestock (even though we technically are) I am just saying that if we stopped raising 10 billion animals every year just to be eaten, both the animals and the planet would be very thankful. There’s a common saying that if slaughterhouses were made of glass, everyone would be vegan. I definitely agree. Those poor animals go through terrible conditions that we would never even imagine putting our household pets through and we don’t even need to consume them to survive. If we could cut something out of our lives that we don’t need, that is actually bad for you, and would save our planet why wouldn’t you? Go green.


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