Fan-cis of Pope Francis

Biologically we are all human. We are all a massive group of the same species yet we seem to forget that under our skin we are all the same color. Prejudice aInterfaithnd racism has never made sense in my mind yet it is a reality. No one is feeling that reality today as much as the Muslim community. With all of the confusion and the biased messages that we receive over the events in France it is very difficult to know who the victim is. I saw a short article on The Washington Post about what Pope Francis had to say about the prejudice against Muslims and I found it very inspiring. His main point was that the best way to eliminate the prejudice and stop the violence between Christians and Muslims is by “learning about each other and accepting the differences.” Pope Francis then makes the point that this can only be achieved through open and patient interreligious dialogue. Its so simply put yet so insightful. I feel like prejudice comes from ignorance. If we could only understand the other perspective then we would be able to understand them on a human to human level.

Shout out to Alanah for the great title.

2 thoughts on “Fan-cis of Pope Francis

  1. Have you ever observed an instance of meaningful interfaith dialogue? Have you ever been in a situation where two people from different faiths shared an idea or a perspective or a moment that involved not just “tolerating” one another but actually learning from or appreciating one another?


    • I have never actually witnessed two people of different faiths sharing their ideas with each other. I have listened to others express their beliefs and asked them questions them to elaborate without providing my point of view. I find that these experiences help me understand how a person could believe in something even if I do not necessarily agree.


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