We’re Just Uniquely Similar


For our analysis on the effectiveness of blog comments as a means of communication I chose to look at the comments to a posting by one of my fellow quad members over Islamophobia. Being able to comment on other people’s writing helps us grow in our understandings of others because it allows for everyone that sees it to get more than one perspective on an issue in a way that evaluates an idea in a well-rounded way. In this example everyone agreed on the idea that perspective is necessary but each comment illustrates a different example of perspective. It also gives the original author the ability to evaluate how digested or original their ideas are in the world. The author can see how many people have never thought about their ideas before, as well as how many have thought about it and what conclusions were reached in those thought processes. Another benefit of online communication is the comfort that comes with removing yourself personally from your ideas. It is much easier for a person to express themselves online when they know that they are not being physically connected to the words on the screen. Yet this disconnect can also lead to misinterpretations of other people’s idea. Without visual cues and inflections of the voice it can be difficult to guess what tone they are expressing themselves in. One way that we can all make this less of a problem is by keeping it in mind and taking everything with a grain of salt, as well as knowing when to stop typing and just let things go.

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