I Won’t Take Any Bull(ying)

This week has really given me the chance to realize how lucky I am. I found that I personally have never been a victim of injustice. As I reflected I remembered that I do know a young boy who is not so fortunate. Previously when I thought of bullying, I would imagine the typical scenarios that everyone is told to look for but I never imagined them happening in real life. It wasn’t until I found out that a fifteen year old boy I know and highly regard was being bullied in school, that I realized exactly how real this problem is. According to stopbullying.gov, approximately 1 in 4 U.S. students report being bullied in school, most commonly in middle school. Just because someone is different does not give anyone the right to attack and demean them. Bullying can be extremely detrimental to a person’s self-worth and has even led to the loss of too many young lives that should have been busy loving themselves and others. Seeing the hurt and distress behind this sweet boy’s eyes had me riled and ready to sit some fifteen year old punks down and give them a piece of mind. Instead I decided to check out DoSomething.org, a great activist organization, to see how I could do my part to fight bullying. There I found a campaign to raise awareness against bullying. I joined it and involved some of my friends in an interactive texting game that taught us how to spot and stop bullying. I figured that if I couldn’t go and talk to fifteen year old punks I could at least raise awareness in my circle of friends in hopes that they do the same and spread it throughout. Spreading awareness helps the problem but the real solution lies in spreading acceptance. If we can all accept each other as humans, with flaws and differences, but also as creatures that are all similar then no one will ever have to be afraid to be themselves ever again.

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