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I have noticed that my greatest passion is being vegan. Being vegan means three things, it means that I care about myself. I take care of my body and my mind, as well as sharing my world in hopes that others do the same for themselves. Secondly, it means that I care about animals, these creatures without a voice of their own that get mistreated every day. Lastly, it means that I care about my planet. The planet that provides me with everything I need to survive and gives me a place to go when I’ve died. This is the subject that matters most to me.

I often see articles and news headlines on the latest idiocies that the people in the government have decided in regards to the environment. These are the main things that get me fired up and ranting. Yet even then I am never inclined to respond directly to these people in any way. It has never been my way of expressing myself. My main response to the happenings of the world around me is to go and tell my family and friends all about it. It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve even considered writing a letter to my state representatives and even then it has only been a thought. I would really like to be more vocal with my ideas and my passions and be able to share them with more people than just my family and friends. I found someone who I think does this beautifully in a blog and her name is Emily Nolan. Her blog, My Kind of Life, is inspiring and most importantly, always kind. Her tone is warm and encouraging, making her blog feel like a safe place. I ultimately hope to be able to achieve that in my expressions to the world.

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