Words are Hard


Throes of Creation by Leonid Pasterna

Possessing a strong written voice has been extremely important since the earliest societies began writing their history. Writing ones thoughts has always been the best way to ensure that they are shared for years to come with any number of people. This is even more true today. With the help of the internet, it has never been easier for an average citizen to spread their ideas to the world, proven by this blog. Because of this it has now become crucial that every emerging student be able to communicate effectively in a written manner. This is particularly a challenge for students like me. I have never felt that writing has been my strong suit. I haven’t yet learned how to express my ideas effectively without the help of voice inflections and body language. This picture to the right clearly expresses how I feel when I attempt to write.

While writing this blog it is evident that because of this weakness in my writing skills, I attempt to qualify a majority of my statements with phrases like “I noticed” and “I realized.” By making my ideas personal opinions I feel like they are less likely to be challenged or attacked. I also lack the ability to charm readers into agreeing with me and my ideas. As a result I instead have constructed my blog in an educational style in hopes that if the reader has the evidence that supports my ideas, they will eventually agree with me. People would much rather learn about a topic and then choose to take a stand on it, rather than just believing something simply because they were told to. With the use of credible sources and clear ideas, my blog can be a trusted and educational source on topics that I care about.


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